How to Make a Works Bomb

How to Make a Works Bomb

This is how you make a works bomb.

How to make the Works Bomb

  1. Get an empty plastic bottle. Soda bottles are preferred. Go to any General Store and buy The Works drain cleaner. Any aluminium foil, go ahead and buy the cheapest kind you find.
  2. Roll the aluminium foil into balls big enough to go into the bottle. Put any where between 5 and 20.
  3. Take The Works and pour it into the bottle. Only fill it up to where the tin foil ends.
  4. Shake it just a little and throw it or set it on the ground.
  5. RUN!
  6. Enjoy the boom.

NOTICE: I am not responsible for any of your actions. This is a felony. Educational purposes only. Do NOT get The Works on you hands. Read the warning labels before using it. Stay clear of the gas for a little bit after you do it. Below is a video of what it looks like. Copy and Paste it.

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